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8 Travel Must-Haves for Summer 2016

The summer travel season is upon us. Deciding what to pack can be almost as difficult as deciding where to go, especially with new travel gadgets being launched daily. With so many options out there, it’s hard to figure out what’s a must and what can be skipped. Below is our list of eight items […]

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5 Places in 5 States to See Bison, Our Newest National Mammal

Earlier this month, President Obama signed legislation naming the American bison as the US’ first national mammal. Also known as American buffalo and once numbering in the millions, bison were hunted to the brink of extinction in America. In recent years, they’ve made a comeback.


Here are our top five picks in five states to see […]

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Carara National Park, Costa Rica – Worth the Stop

When driving to Costa Rica’s central and south Pacific coast from Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO), you pass Carara National Park. Located an hour west of SJO and a few km past Rio Tarcoles Bridge and its resident crocodiles below, Carara isn’t typically a stop on standard Costa Rica itineraries. It should be, though. Carara […]

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Big Cat Recap – Tanzania Trip Report

When we decided to offer a series of 10 Year Anniversary trips in 2016, the first must-do trip on the list was a Big Cats Safari to Tanzania. We scheduled the trip to coincide with wildebeest calving season. During that time, wildebeest herds swell in size by 40%. In addition to top-notch migration viewing, this […]

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Dance of Prairie-Chickens – Wray, Colorado

The Sandhills of eastern Colorado remain a stronghold for greater prairie-chickens in the state.  Earlier this month, we traveled to Wray in search of prairie-chickens performing their annual spring dance on the plains.  Cloudy skies and a light rain made it difficult for photography, but we managed to get some video footage showing the boys […]

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Gray Whale Baby Boom in Baja Sur, Mexico

Recent censuses in Baja Sur, Mexico show that gray whale populations are experiencing a baby boom this year.  More than 1000 gray whale babies have been counted in three calving lagoons – Ojo de Liebre, San Ignacio and Magdalena Bay.

Gray whale populations crashed due to over hunting in the past.  Now, gray whales numbers are […]

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In Search of Mexico’s Monarch Butterflies – Piedra Herrada

On our recent Monarch Butterfly and Magical Cities trip to Mexico, we visited two reserves in Mexico State. Piedra Herrada Sanctuary was the first and El Capulin the second. Located less than two hours west of Mexico City, Piedra Herrada is easily accessed in a day trip.

We left our Santa Fe hotel at 8:15 am […]

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Lost Tourist Card in Mexico – What To Do

US citizens traveling to Mexico are not required to have a visa in addition to a passport for entry. Instead, you need a Mexico Visitor’s Permit. This form should be handed out during flights to Mexico or you can get one at a border crossing if entering by road.

During a recent trip to Mexico, one […]

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Six Reasons to Visit Iceland in Winter

1.  Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). Guaranteed darkness is an important factor in catching a glimpse of the northern lights. Winter months offer full dark nights. Your best chances of seeing displays of bright, colorful dancing lights in the night sky are from November to February.

2.  Mild temperatures. Iceland’s winter climate is relatively mild for its […]

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Yellowstone Wolves and Changing Landscapes

Most of us learned about the web of life in school, but no one has a complete understanding of the complexities involved in food webs. Given time, we often see unexpected results and Yellowstone National Park provides an excellent example.

Current research at Yellowstone links the resurgence of beaver populations to the grey wolf reintroduction in […]

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