Birding at El Remanso Lodge (Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica)

Bird Checklist at El Remanso Lodge (December 18-23, 2009)

Chestnut-mandibled toucan

This is a species checklist of birds seen during a five night stay at El Remanso Lodge in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica.  The birding in the region is spectacular and many of these species were spotted from the porch of my classic cabin and the deck near the dining room.  I did go on a long guided hike and a  morning birding trip with their resident guide, Gerardo.  The Veraguan mango isn’t even listed in Stiles and Skutch’s bird guide, and the pearl kite is listed as “not yet recorded in Costa Rica”.  Both species were readily identified during the morning birding trip on December 22.  The mango was even building a nest.

Scarlet macaw
Scarlet macaw

Listed in order of sightings

  • Common black-hawk
  • Scarlet macaw
  • Green honeycreeper
  • Chestnut-mandibled toucan
  • Purple-crowned fairy
  • Plain antvireo
  • Little hermit
  • Red-legged honeycreeper
  • Turkey vulture
  • Black vulture
  • Magnificent frigatebird
  • Brown pelican
  • Slaty-tailed trogon
  • Bay-headed tanager
  • Tennessee warbler
  • Rufous piha*
  • Black-throated trogon
  • Wedge-billed woodcreeper
  • Chestnut-backed antbird
  • Double-toothed kite*
  • Red-capped manakin*
  • Black-hooded antshrike
  • White-crested coquette*
  • Blue dacnis*
  • Yellow-throated vireo*
  • Long-tailed hermit
  • Great crested flycatcher
  • Spotted crowned euphonia*
  • Chestnut-sided warbler
  • Blue-crowned manakin
  • Yellow-bellied elaenia*
  • Riverside wren
  • Buff-rumped warbler
  • Tropical kingbird
  • Smooth-billed ani
  • Little blue heron
  • Yellow warbler
  • Bare-throated tiger-heron
  • Solitary eagle*
  • Red-lored parrot
  • Roadside hawk
  • Palm tanager
  • Red-crowned woodpecker
  • Cattle egret
  • Great egret
  • Great-blue heron
  • Red-chested blackbird
  • White-collared seedeater
  • Yellow-headed caracara
  • Mangrove swallow
  • Cliff swallow*
  • Gray-breasted martin
  • White ibis
  • Great kiskadee
  • Black-crowned tityra
  • Roseate spoonbill
  • Lineated woodpecker
  • Veraguan mango*
  • Pearl kite*
  • Crested caracara
  • Baird’s trogon*
  • Fiery-billed aracari
  • Golden-hooded tanager
  • King vulture
  • Golden-naped woodpecker
  • Beryl-crowned hummingbird
  • Short-billed pigeon
  • Wood stork

68 species added to Costa Rica list this trip*

Little hermit
Black-throated trogon