Costa Rica: Leatherbacks and the Tropics – 2011 Scheduled Group Departures


Working with leatherbacks at Estacion las Tortugas - Photo provided by EcoTeach


Costa Rica, a Central American country about the size of West Virginia, is considered one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world. Costa Rica boasts 4% of the world’s species while covering less than 1% of the earth’s land mass. The region is home to iconic tropical species like sea turtles, red-eyed tree frogs, howler monkeys, and tree-hugging sloths.


Red-eyed tree frog


Howler monkey









Reefs to Rockies has partnered with conservation partners SEE Turtles ( and EcoTeach Foundation ( to offer three unforgettable trips to Costa Rica in 2011. Group departure dates are April 9-16, May 14-21, and June 4-11.

During these seven-night adventures, trip participants will have the opportunity to work hands-on with endangered leatherback sea turtles at Estacion Las Tortugas (“Turtle Station”) on the Caribbean coast. Estacion Las Tortugas began its conservation efforts in 2000, and its primary mission is to protect a critical nesting beach for leatherbacks. The months of April and May are prime months to work with nesting females, and May and June provide opportunities to work with nesting females and to participate in the release of hatchlings.


After time at the station, travelers will have a special opportunity to connect with members of the indigenous Bribri community at Kekoldi Reserve The adventure continues with an exhilarating zipline tour above the rainforest canopy while spectacular Arenal volcano rumbles in the distance.

For more information, contact Reefs to Rockies (; 303.860.6045) or visit our website for a detailed itinerary ( A donation to local conservation efforts to protect leatherbacks will be made on behalf of all trip participants.  Act fast – space is limited!