Costa Rica Ecotourism

Costa Rica, a country only the size of West Virginia, is considered one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world. Costa Rica boasts 4% of the world’s species while covering less than 1% of the earth’s land mass. The country’s biodiversity can be attributed to location and to successful conservation efforts.

A nature lover’s paradise, Costa Rica offers excellent opportunities to observe acrobatic humpback whales, endangered sea turtles, an array of tropical birds like toucans, macaws and the resplendent quetzal, sleeping sloths, colorful red-eyed tree frogs, and playful monkeys – all on the same trip!  If you’d like to add some adrenaline to your daily schedule, ziplining, whitewater rafting, waterfall rappelling, caving, kayaking, hiking, and surfing are also on offer.

As you travel through Costa Rica, you can see active volcanoes, beautiful beaches, towering waterfalls, and roaring rivers that interweave through the country’s lush rainforests and cloud forests. Costa Rica’s varied activities are sure to satisfy all types of travelers.

Reefs to Rockies offers a variety of options in Costa Rica. Every vacation package is customized — you get to explore Costa Rica as you like, when you like, and at your own pace. We offer the full spectrum of options, from self-drive to fully guided itineraries. Volunteer opportunities are also available for travelers wanting to work hands-on with local conservation projects in Costa Rica.