Peru Ecotourism

Peru, a land of superlatives, lies on the Pacific coast of South America, just south of the equator. To the Quechua Indians, Peru means “land of abundance”. It is home to the world’s richest oceanic current (the Humboldt), to the world’s highest and most extensive tropical mountains (the Andes), and to the rainforests of the world’s largest river (the Amazon). Peru is legendary for its history, archaeology, culture, biodiversity, natural splendor, breathtaking scenery, and active adventures.

Known as a “megadiverse” country, Peru is one of the world’s top wildlife destinations and paradise for nature lovers. Whether you want to hike the famous Inca trail to the awe-inspiring ancient citadel of Machu Picchu, observe macaws eating their daily rations of clay from the world’s largest clay lick, surf the world’s longest left-hand wave, or learn about ancient healing practices from shamans, Peru is an epic country for exploration. Peru astounds visitors with its rainbow of wildlife, archaeological discoveries, and indigenous peoples.