Nature Writing Workshop in Yellowstone National Park (Sept. 2011)

In September 2011 (September 14-18), Reefs to Rockies will be offering a nature writing workshop in Yellowstone National Park.  The daily writing workshops will be led by Michelle Theall, an award-winning writer from Boulder, Colorado.  Theall started her career in publishing fifteen years ago. She has appeared on NBC Today, MSNBC, The Travel Channel, and the Fox Sports Network. In 2010, she won two awards of excellence from the North American Travel Journalists’ Association for her feature and editorial writing and she garnered two prestigious Folio Awards for her work with Women’s Adventure magazine.  Theall owns and runs the Creative Conferences and the Magazine Conference, allowing writers and photographers to learn from Pulitzer-nominated industry professionals. Her adventure travel, environment, health, editorial columns, and sports articles have appeared in a variety of national magazines.

As part of the nature writing workshop, participants will get two spend two guided days in northern Yellowstone with Terry McEneaney.  McEneaney spent more than two decades conducting ornithological research in Yellowstone National Park. No one comes close to his breadth and depth of individual field knowledge and experience and it shows when you accompany him into the park. Few have a better grasp of Yellowstone avian and mammalian ecology (identification, habitat, distribution, populations and conservation). And Terry’s knowledge is not restricted to the roads or front country like other general guides in the area. He has traveled extensively in the Yellowstone backcountry and has a vast amount of experience censusing wildlife in the Park and Greater Yellowstone via aerial surveys.

During this writing workshop, participants will have the opportunity to practice their craft in a small group setting with daily assignments and Q&A, critique, and feedback sessions.  The stunning flora and fauna of Yellowstone National Park will serve as a backdrop for inspiration.  Writers will come away inspired and with a wealth of information that can help further their creativity.  For a detailed itinerary, please visit