New Orleans: Day 2 with Mackintosh Academy – Latino Farmers Cooperative

New Orleans Latino Farmers Co-op - Esperanza Neighborhood Farm

The Latino Farmers Cooperative’s Esperanza Neighborhood Farm is located in the West Bank section of New Orleans. The co-op’s mission aims to promote urban agriculture, healthy eating, and a “farm to table” mentality. Even though the co-op works strictly with low income Latino families, it is by no means a charity. To receive food (eggs, dairy and fresh produce), recipients must contribute to the overall process if they’re able.

Esperanza Farm just got its start in February of this year and membership already totals 75 individuals. Two days before we were there, 100 pounds of fresh produce was picked and transported to Downtown New Orleans to be distributed to families.

Our second day in New Orleans was spent at Esperanza Farm getting our hands dirty. We made compost, pruned and tied tomato plants, hand-pulled weeds, watered, painted, planted corn, onions, herbs, and flowers, and even organized the tool shed (a task that seemed to be perpetually put off until our group arrived and wanted to cross as many things off their to-do list as we could).

Thank you, Kathia for sharing your time and enthusiasm with us! In a couple of months, the fruits of our labor will go straight from the farm to someone in need’s table.