Photo Blog from Manu National Park, Peru

Arrival in Cusco, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To reach Manu, you can drive through the Sacred Valley or fly.  Driving takes more time, but you have a more intimate view of the changing landscape.

From Cusco, the drive to Cock of the Rock Lodge near Manu National Park takes ~11 hours with stops.  The drive offers wildlife viewing along the way as you pass through high elevation cloud forest.

Gray woolly monkeys
Cock of the Rock Lodge is a stopping point along the way to Manu Wildlife Center.  The following photos were taken near the lodge.
Tufted capuchin monkey
Cock of the rock, Peru's national bird.
Passion flower


Cocha Salvador Oxbow Lake.

Giant river otter, an endangered species.
Our guide, Marlene.

Manu Tented Camp.


Cat eye snake
Capybara, the world's largest rodent.
Ocelot waking from a nap.

Arrival at Manu Wildlife Center.


View of tapir blind overlooking the clay lick. Tapirs use the clay lick for essential nutrients. The blind is situated on a raised platform to minimize disturbance.

Parrots (blue-headed, orange-crowned, yellow crown, and mealy parrots) visit this clay lick on a daily basis.

Red and green macaws visit the clay lick later in the morning.
Stairs to canopy observation tower.
Monkey frog on night hike.

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