Semana Santa in Nicaragua: A Photographic Journey with Hal Samples

Semana Santa in Nicaragua: A Photographic Journey with Hal Samples (March 27 – April 4, 2010)

Granda, Nicaragua

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America.  It is bordered by Costa Rica to the south and Honduras to the north.  The word Nicaragua translates to “surrounded by water” – its western coastline meets the Pacific Ocean and eastern coastline meets the Caribbean.  Nicaragua’s proximity to Costa Rica, a world leader in ecotourism, has helped stimulate Nicaragua’s commitment to conservation and sustainable tourism.

The combination of strong traditions and a celebrative character make Semana Santa, the week before Easter, one of the most commemorative events of the year for many Nicaraguans. It is a time of interesting, massive processions throughout the country and photographic opportunities abound.  A trip with Reefs to Rockies would be incomplete without some adventure and wildlife thrown in for good measure.

Hal Samples, a an accomplished professional photographer based in Dallas, Texas will be leading this trip. He is  the previous owner of Hal Samples Gallery which  received Dallas’ Best Gallery Award in 2009, an honor designated by Dallas Observer Magazine.  Hal has ongoing photo and film projects in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Dallas, Texas, and Los Angeles, California.  In 2010, he will also be leading photo tours for Reefs to Rockies.  For samples of Hal’s work, visit

“Samples doesn’t go for the glamour shot, he captures your story in black and white or lively color, saturated grain or flurry of motion, an averted eye or with a cocktail of paramours. His lens not only doesn’t lie, it listens and your life story begins.” – Dallas Observer

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Isla Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua