Ten Great Places to Visit and Help Wild Animals

Lion at Gorongosa National Park.

Earlier this year, Reefs to Rockies joined SEEtheWild’s network of tour operators and travel companies committed to striving towards wildlife conservation through tourism.  We feel that tourism, when done sustainably and environmentally sensitively, can aid in the protection of wild species across the globe.  SEEtheWILD is the world’s first wildlife conservation travel website and we’re proud to be part of their network.

Whale Shark near Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Last Friday, a wonderful slide show highlighting two of our tours (Swimming with Whale Sharks in Mexico and Mozambique: By Land and By Sea) was featured on Huffington Post.  Swimming with Whale Sharks in Mexico was our #1 selling tour for Summer 2011 and  Mozambique: By Land and By Sea was selected as one of National Geographic Traveler Magazine’s 50 Tours of a Lifetime in 2010.  To see the recent Huffington Post slide show, click here:   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/wallace-j-nichols/ten-great-places-to-see-t_b_955815.html?#s354987&title=Mozambique.