Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Nicaragua

As we watched the opening scenes of the season premiere of CBS’ Survivor: Nicaragua last night, the scenery serving as a backdrop to the characters from both tribes kept reminding us why we love the place.  If you haven’t been to Nicaragua, you should go.  Trust us on that one.  

 Just to make our argument a bit stronger, here are 10 reasons (in no particular order) why we love Nicaragua.  The photos tell a story all by themselves.

#1: Colonial cities.

Church in Granada.

#2: Lake Nicaragua

Lake Nicaragua and Ometepe Island

 #3: Indio Maiz Biological Reserve.

View of Indio Maiz Biological Reserve.

 #4: Local artwork.

The famous primitive painter Rodolfo Arellano.

#5: Humpback whales breaching along the Pacific coast.

Humpback breach.

 #6: Stunning coastlines.

Private beach on southern Pacific Coast.

#7: Vociferous howler monkeys.

Howler monkey.

#8: Luxury ecolodges.

Bungalow at Morgan's Rock Ecolodge.

 #9: Volcano boarding!

Boarding down Cerro Negro Volcano.

#10: And last, but definitely not least, the people of Nicaragua. 

Semana Santa procession in Granada.


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