Wildlife Cruises

Polar Bears and Pack Ice

Start your North Spitsbergen cruise with a trek around historic Longyearben, then join our expedition to the north of the island to take in the fantastically beautiful landscapes, the thousands of seabirds, and of course the star of the show, the polar bear.

Cruise Dates: June 17-24, 2020

Indonesia's Exquisite Birds of Paradise

Whether you are a mere nestling who is new to birding, a fully-fledged birder, or a seasoned twitcher, this 10-day/9-night ornithological adventure through the remote, rainforest-clad islands of northern Raja Ampat and North Maluku.  No other feathered family is as beautiful, or displays such diversity of plumage, extravagant decoration, and courtship behaviour as the ostentatious Bird of Paradise. 

Cruise Dates: November 10-19, 2020

Southeast Alaska

Explore Southeast Alaska’s Inside Passage aboard an expedition-style vessel in search of whales, seals and sea lions, sea otters, bears and eagles.  These small ship cruises are focused on local culture, wildlife and landscapes.  Fjords, glacial valleys, and vast wilderness await.  


Cruising by air-conditioned riverboat along Kalimantan’s meandering rivers is the best way to travel through the forested landscape of Borneo, with its wealth of ecological and cultural treasures, and to experience Borneo’s iconic and endangered orangutans.  As you explore rivers, you’ll pass islands managed by Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation to see orangutans in their natural habitat.  


An expedition cruise to the Antarctic Peninsula delivers you into a landscape of dark rugged rock, pure white snow, and a fantastic variety of wildlife. Say hello to whales, seals, and thousands of penguins.