Explore The
American Serengeti.

The Great Plains of North America extend east from the Rocky Mountains and run north-south all the way through the US and much of Canada. Often referred to as the American Serengeti, the Great Plains once had an abundance of animals unmatched anywhere else on the North American continent. The chance to see millions of bison and pronghorn plus grizzly bears, wolves, elk, massive prairie dog colonies, and more made the Great Plains an exciting destination in the 19th Century. Today, the Great Plains rank as one of the world’s most threatened, most altered, and least protected habitats.

The first step in conservation is appreciation. Our goal with our American Serengeti Trip Series is to take you to the heart of what makes the Great Plains so unique. These trips will showcase some of the most impressive wildlife spectacles in North America. We’ll share stories from the region’s past while seeing firsthand what’s going on today and highlighting trends to a more sustainable future for the Great Plains.

A Sandhill Chick's Favorite Place


In preparation for our American Serengeti Series launch, we’ve worked with esteemed partners to bring the essence of safari to these trips. A true American safari requires a game-viewing vehicle to allow greater exploration. The “Roaming Bison” will be completely outfitted with a proper pop-top on a hydraulic lift, custom seating for a max of seven guests plus your driver/guide, and 4-wheel drive. This is not the standard van you may have traveled in on past trips. Get ready for next-level game viewing on these special American Serengeti trips.


Conservation-based, sustainable tourism is at the core of what we do at Reefs to Rockies. To show our commitment to Great Plains conservation, a donation to Southern Plains Land Trust (SPLT) will be made on behalf of all travelers joining us for an American Serengeti trip. SPLT creates and protects a network of prairie preserves in our home state of Colorado. These donations will aid in SPLT’s land acquisition efforts.