Birding & Beers

In May 2012, Reefs to Rockies Co-founder Sheridan Samano launched a Birding & Beers Meetup group in the Denver Metro area. While the concept of birds and brews events was not new at the time, she wanted to emphasize the active nature of this new group. Other events were typically bird talks or bird trivia events at local breweries. This group would be different, and the name emphasized that. We’d go birding first and then go to a local brewery for more social time after.

At that time, she thought a few people might join her. The first event filled, which continued with almost every event filling within minutes of the announcement. Today, Birding & Beers is Colorado’s original and largest Birding and Beers Meetup group with over 1300 members and more than 250 past events. Due to the group’s popularity, a Birding &Beers trip series was launched with past multi-day trips in Colorado and California, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, and New Mexico.

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Birding Trips .

In 2023, we’re launching themed day trips that will take guests to Colorado birding hotspots in a custom-designed safari van, followed by VIP events at a brewery after. For more information on Upcoming Events, check out the Birding & Beers Meetup page or email Sheridan Samano at for more details.

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