Small Group
Trip Itineraries.

Planning a trip can be very intimidating, especially for solo travelers. You have to look at potential safety hazards, book accommodations, and find transportation, all before you get to experience the joys of the trip. At Reefs to Rockies, we offer a rotating series of specialized small group trips every year, teaming up with several other travel agencies to bring travelers on small group trips worldwide. These small group trips are thoroughly planned and guided, so you can enjoy all the incredible experiences without worrying about planning a trip.
If you prefer to travel with a small group of (6-10 participants), check out our upcoming Small Group Trips roster. These limited trips are only offered during prime time, maximizing the opportunity for the world’s best wildlife and cultural experiences. We are also known for having smaller group sizes with a better traveler-to-guide ratio than most companies offering similar itineraries.

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Professionally Guided
Group Excursions.

If you have any questions about the specifics of our professionally planned and guided group trips, please give us a call! We are all about making your travel dreams happen and would love the opportunity to design your ideal trip.