Last month, Entrepreneur published an article titled “Never Turn Off Air Vents, and 10 Other Things I Learned While Flying More Than 2 Million Miles”. I don’t fly nearly as often as the author, but my annual trips for Reefs to Rockies take me abroad about three months of the year. In 2017 alone, I’ll travel to Mexico twice, Costa Rica twice, Panama, Canada, Azores, Uganda, Rwanda, Peru, and Argentina. Domestic trips from coast to coast round out my travel line up.

I’ve already implemented several of the tips below and plan to implement several more soon. The tips in bold have served me well during recent trips.

11 Tips For Making Your Next Flight More Pleasant

  • Don’t turn off the air vents.
  • Make friends with the gate agent.
  • Pick an airline and stick with it.
  • Take the status challenge.
  • Know your airline’s rules about hidden fees and perks.
  • Pay for as much as possible with your airline’s credit card.
  • Download the airline’s app.
  • Sign up for text notifications for your flight.
  • Watch the weather.
  • Don’t check luggage.
  • For critical trips, book earlier flights.

Click here for the full Entrepreneur article by Maurice Freedman.

~ Submitted by Sheridan Samano, Reefs to Rockies Co-founder and Principal Consultant.

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