If you still think of Nicaragua as a war torn, unsafe country, it’s time to think again. After years of political calm, responsible development and economic growth, travelers have once again discovered Nicaragua.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has been extremely vocal about how he wants to use tourism to combat poverty. Today, Nicaragua tourism is in fact the country’s second-largest industry.

Travelers from around the world love the colorful colonial cities, the dramatic volcanic landscape and the numerous beaches.

Here’s why Nicaragua has become the hot place to travel in 2015.

Nicaragua is inexpensive.

Because the tourism infrastructure is newer, and less developed, prices are generally less expensive to travel in Nicaragua than it its like-minded neighbor to the south, Costa Rica.

Particularly in the charming colonial town of Granada and the remote island of Ometepe, very nice boutique hotels are readily available for under US $100 per night.

We love Hotel Dario in Granada, costing right around US $100 per night, located in the historic center of Nicaragua and featured on our Classic Nicaragua itinerary.

Unique Freshwater Island Experience

Our clients love hopping on the ferry to Ometepe Island. This island, on the world’s largest freshwater volcanic island, is home to howler monkeys, tropical birds and two dramatic volcanoes (only one of which is extinct.) The most striking feature of this UNESCO Biosphere Preserve is Volcán Concepción. Towering 5,280 feet up from Lake Nicaragua, this is an active volcano. The last major eruption occurred in 1986, with little burps of volcanic ash also occurring every so often.

This is a great place to tour a cooperatively run coffee plantation and view well-preserved pre-Columbian petroglyphs more than 3,000 years old.

Nicaragua has wholeheartedly embodied eco tourism.

Morgan’s Rock, a luxury eco-resort that opened in Nicaragua over a decade ago, is considered to have kicked off the development of eco-tourism in the country. Beautifully constructed from a variety of sustainably sourced woods, the resort’s fifteen solar-powered cabins have been created to blend into their surroundings. There’s no air conditioning or TV, but the walls are open to allow the Pacific breeze to filter through. This hotel is perfect for a romantic vacation or a Nicaragua Girlfriend Getaway.

We’re thrilled to see Nicaragua receiving well-deserved attention as one of the hottest travel destination in the world this year. Contact us today for more information on Nicaragua. We’d be happy to put together a custom itinerary for your family or group!

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