The Galapagos Islands may be the most famous place in the world for swimming with curious, playful sea lions, but it’s not the only place. Other locations known for up close sea lion encounters are Los Islotes in Mexico and the Palomino Islands in Peru. Los Islotes is the closest location for US travelers and the islands are a year-round home to a colony of more than 300 California sea lions.

Because Los Islotes’ colony of sea lions see human visitors just about every day, individuals are very interactive with snorkelers and divers. Young pups seem to be the most curious, often coming close and swimming alongside you.

Swimming with sea lions at Los Islotes is one of the most popular day trips from La Paz and its popularity is warranted. If you’re planning a trip to La Paz or other locations in Baja California Sur, feel free to contact one of our destination specialists.

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