Recent Client Testimonials

"It was a stupendous, awe-inspiring trip [to the Peruvian Amazon]. We can get you some detailed feedback in the coming days, but none of it will be critical. Alas, we saw the [Harpy] eagle’s nest, but not the bird, and videos and photos of jaguars from our traveling compatriots, but no actual sighting by our clan. I think we took well over 5000 photos, and some of them are striking. Some of those can find their way to FB. We will have many good memories. Thank you for arranging such a wonderful experience. "
Frank H., Wayland, MA
“I’ll emphasize again though how much we enjoyed the different accommodations — all were very special, and I really loved the deck off our bungalow in Manuel Antonio especially. What a magical place to sit and read. The hot springs in Arenal were goofy and fun for the family. The guides were generally quite good. The “activities” all were very family friendly (if Mark and I had been on our own we would have loved to hike further and kayak more and so on — but it suited with the kids.) Thanks so much! We would be happy to recommend your services."
Nancy W., Denver, CO
Costa Rica
"Our Brazil Pantanal trip was the most unique travel experience I've had in my life and I've visited 17 countries across four continents and 44 states."​
Jan Z., Denver, CO
“[The whale shark trip] was awesome…even more now, looking back on the adventure……I had many of the largest fish in the world swimming around me."
Stan H., Golden, CO
"Thank you for all your help with our trip to Costa Rica. What an amazing place. We saw so many animals and went to the nearby restaurants [in Manuel Antonio] which were really good. The people were very nice and we had no problem with the food or water."
Heidi M., Cincinnati, OH
Costa Rica
“This was an amazing trip [to Peru] and yes, with the help of our local rep we were able to retrieve our luggage in Lima!! Even without our belongings we had an awesome time!"
Lorraine L., Owingsville, KY
"Once again, you coordinated the perfect trip for me, Drew and Katie. You do a really super job at making a trip effortless."
Mark C., Denver, CO
“We had a lovely time [in Costa Rica]. Overall, one of the best family vacations we have ever taken. We super bonded by doing all the activities together. It was wonderful. Thanks for your awesome planning!"
Nora B., Denver, CO
Costa Rica
"The trip was completely successful. Chip is an excellent teacher for me, a newish birder. I always felt that he looked to include me (and all the others) when we looked through the scope or when he made sure that everyone tried to see what he and others could see in the trees with binoculars. .... Great trip. Thanks for planning it."
Jackie B., Littleton, CO
“I'm more than happy to share comments on our South American adventure. The whole trip was Fantastico!!! Thank you again for all your arrangements [in Peru]. What a grand journey!!! Until the next time....keep discovering the world!"
Linda E., Wilsonville, OR
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