“100 Things To Do” – Kodiak, Alaska

Last month, I had the pleasure of spending five days exploring Kodiak, Alaska before attending the Adventure Travel World Summit in Anchorage. Most people probably think of bears when they hear the name Kodiak, but there’s much more to do than bear viewing during your visit. Although, bears are worth the trip!

Discover Kodiak’s list of 100 Things To Do provided lots of inspiration for daily excursions. I didn’t accomplish all 100 in five days, but did have an unforgettable trip while trying.

#10: Salmon fishing

charter fishing kodiak alaska
Kodiak catches of the day – halibut and king salmon.

#11: Shopping in downtown Kodiak

#15: Walk the trails at Ft. Abercrombie

#17: Watch the float planes come and go at Trident Basin on Near Island

#18: Charter a boat for salt water fishing

#29: Go kayaking

Kodiak kayaking.
Kodiak kayaking

#30: Drive to the top of Pillar Mountain

#31: Go bear viewing

bear viewing Kodiak Alaska
Alaskan brown bear

#34: Go birding

#39: Look for puffins

#41: Catch a halibut

#62: Take a zillion photographs

#65: Look for bear tracks

#66: Count eagles

#70: Eat the fresh catch of the day

#79: Find a heart shaped rock on one of Kodiak’s beaches

hiking Kodiak Alaska
Heart shaped rock found while walking along one of Fort Abercrombie State Park’s beaches.

#81: Taste some locally brewed beer

craft beer Kodiak Alaska
Beer selection at Kodiak Island Brewing Company.

#94: Eat where the locals do

#98: Drink locally roasted coffee

#100: Glass the hillsides for bears

hiking Kodiak Alaska
Gorgeous view – Kodiak, Alaska.