1. Deodorant safe. Open your existing deodorant, twist up and remove the top portion, and place valuables like credit cards, driver’s license and cash inside.
2. Tennis ball safe. One of the most asked questions we receive is ‘will our room have a safe?’. Another place to store valuables is in a tennis ball. Cut a 2-3 inch slit in the ball and place items like jewelry, memory cards, and cash inside.
3. Bar soap luggage deodorizer. One of our tried and true tips is to pack fabric softener sheets in luggage to use when dirty clothes start to accumulate. Most hotels provide scented bar soaps for guest use. At check out, take the soap with you and place with dirty clothes to keep luggage smelling fresh your entire trip.
4. Never buy travel-sized toothpaste again. Keep the empty tube and refill from a full-size tube when you get home. Put the tubes end to end, squeeze, and voila!
5. Pack a bike light instead of headlamp or flashlight. You’ll find flashlight or headlamp listed on all of our pack lists. Flashlights only leave one hand free and headlamps can be uncomfortable. This hack is our favorite on the list. Bike lights are inexpensive, built to last, designed to hook onto things, and upgraded versions come with USB charging capabilities.

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