When we decided to offer a series of 10 Year Anniversary trips in 2016, the first must-do trip on the list was a Big Cats Safari to Tanzania. We scheduled the trip to coincide with wildebeest calving season. During that time, wildebeest herds swell in size by 40%. In addition to top-notch migration viewing, this is also prime time to see big cats in action.

Our Big Cats itinerary included Ngorongoro Crater, Ndutu, southern Serengeti and northern Serengeti. Over 10 days, we encountered more than 50 lions, four leopard, eight cheetah including two successful hunts. We also spotted a caracal and pack of wild dogs along the way. Right place, right time.

Are you thinking of a safari? Contact one of our travel specialists for insider tips on planning the perfect wildlife experience in East Africa.

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