We’re admitted travel junkies here at Reefs to Rockies. Every time we travel, even if it’s just home for the holidays, we try to fit in time to explore the great outdoors.

Last week, I was able to convince a friend of mine to brave a chilly Dallas morning at White Rock Lake. Many hours were spent here as a child and it’s always great to stroll down memory lane (with binoculars in tow, of course).

The wooded area near the lake’s spillway is great for songbirds. The spillway itself is great for ducks, geese, and shorebirds. And for those looking to see something unexpected, head over to Texas Utilities’ power station just across the road from the White Rock pump station. Look up and you should see large nests, aerial homes inhabited by monk parakeets. It’s a treat to see these bright green birds, looking like they’ve flown straight from the tropics, in metro Dallas.

White Rock Lake is a must-see for nature lovers that live in or travel to Dallas, even on cold Texas mornings.

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