A few weeks ago we had some R2R travelers return from a two-night stay at Refugio Amazonas Lodge in Tambopata, Peru. Refugio Amazonas is the newest lodge in Rainforest Expeditions’ portfolio. The other two properties are Posada Amazonas and Tambopata Research Center. As expected, we received rave reviews about their stay. But we didn’t expect a report of a harpy eagle sighting during their trip to the mammal clay lick.

A harpy eagle ranks high on the want-to-see list for many wildlife and bird enthusiasts. Even though harpy eagles are the largest raptor species in the Americas and avian king of the rainforest canopy, they’re not easy to find. That’s changing in Tambopata. One in five guests visiting Tambopata and staying at Refugio Amazonas spot this incredible eagle.

Maybe even better – one in three boats headed to Tambopata Research Center in 2017 spotted a jaguar along the way. Jaguar prey like peccary, tapir, and capybara are abundant in Tambopata. This population of jaguars hasn’t had much interaction with humans so they don’t tend to be skittish, allowing for quality viewing when spotted.

Tambopata Reserve was established in 1991. After more than 25 years of protection, conservation efforts are working. That’s good news for Tambopata flora, fauna and visitors alike.

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