We’ve just returned from our sixth scouting trip to Mexico this year. Our latest trip was to Guadalupe Island where we spent three days cage diving with great white sharks. Wow!

All of this year’s Mexico trips offered unforgettable wildlife experiences. Friendly gray whales, millions of monarch butterflies, a bat volcano, and sharks (both whale and great whites) top the list. Below are some of our favorite photos and videos highlighting this year’s Mexico scouting trips.

February – Bat Volcano at Calakmul

February – Swimming with sea turtles, dolphins and sailfish bait balls

If you’re a nature lover, a wildlife enthusiast, and/ or an adventure traveler, Mexico should be high on your list of destinations, even if you’ve been there before. We believe Mexico is one of the most underrated wildlife destinations in the world. In addition to some of the greatest wildlife spectacles on the planet, Mexico is home to a rich history, diverse cultures and landscapes, colonial cities, and world-class cuisine.

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