Today marks the beginning of our third service learning trip with Mackintosh Academy’s 8th grade class. Our first volunteer shift was at San Francisco Food Bank (SFFB). SFFB serves the San Francisco Metro area including Marin County. In 2011, 450 million pounds of food were delivered to the community. SFFB depends heavily on volunteers to meet their mission. Volunteer hours exceeded 130,000 hours last year, equivalent to 55 full-time employees.

During our afternoon shift, we packed boxes to be delivered to senior citizens in need. The boxes included cereal, tomato juice, canned fruit, vegetables, and salmon, peanut butter, rice, and milk. On an average day, volunteers pack 1000 boxes. Our group packed 1,145 boxes totaling 20,900 pounds of food! Next week, more than 1,100 seniors will benefit from our volunteer efforts.


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