Outnumbered By Diversity in Ecuador

October 30, 2015

In June, Sheridan Samano represented Reefs to Rockies during AdventureWeek Ecuador along with other representatives from a select group of travel companies and media. This 10-day educational trip sponsored by Ecuador Ministry of Tourism and Adventure Travel Trade Association showcased all that Ecuador has on offer. The group hiked mountains, rafted whitewater rapids, rode a […]

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JetBlue Connects Fort Lauderdale, FL and Quito, Ecuador

October 7, 2015

JetBlue Airways recently announced daily flight service between Fort Lauderdale, Florida (FLL) and Quito, Ecuador (UIO). Service is scheduled to begin on February 25, 2016. Flights will depart FLL at 7:05 pm and arrive to UIO at 11:30 pm. The return flight from UIO departs at 12:59 am and arrives to FLL at 5:14 am. […]

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American Airlines Expands Service from the US to Latin America and the Caribbean

July 14, 2015

American Airlines has just announced their plan to expand flights to several destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean later this year. Eight new routes will go into effect in 2015. Expanded service includes new flights to the following destinations: • Charlotte (CLT) to Curacao (CUR) – Saturday flights starting on December 19, 2015. Can […]

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Ecuador – Hummingbird Paradise

July 6, 2015

Although Ecuador only covers 0.2% of the world’s surface, it ranks as the country with the largest biodiversity per kilometer in the world. About the size of Colorado, Ecuador is home to 124 species of hummingbirds, a true hummingbird paradise. By comparison, only 12 species of hummingbirds have been recorded in Colorado. Hummingbirds account for […]

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Chasing Rapids – Upper Napo River, Ecuador

June 30, 2015

We just returned from Adventure Week Ecuador. AWEcuador (#AWEcuador) was a 10-day event powered by the Adventure Travel Trade Association and designed for a select group of travel writers and tour operators including Reefs to Rockies. Its goal was to expose us to hidden gems and adventure activities in a country only the size of […]

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Just Announced – Orchid Discovery in Ecuador (2016)

April 9, 2015

We are pleased to announce our newest scheduled group departure for 2016 — Orchid Discovery in Ecuador offered in collaboration with Denver Botanic Gardens. There are more than 4,000 documented species of orchids in Ecuador, with a number of species still not classified. In fact, Ecuador boasts the highest orchid diversity of any country in […]

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Earthquake Near Quito Causes Damage to Pan-American Highway

September 2, 2014

On August 12th, 2014, a 5.1-magnitude earthquake shook Ecuador’s capital city and surrounding areas. The earthquake caused damage to slopes along the Pan-American Highway and the government has decided to close the highway near the damaged sites for the next six months. There is only one other highway that provides access to Otavalo in northern […]

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Top 5 Places To See Humpback Whales Along the Pacific Coast

December 30, 2013

Humpback whales, an acrobatic species well known for displays that include breaching, tail slapping, side rolling, and spy hopping, occur in all oceans. These activities and their widespread occurrence make humpbacks one of the most popular species among whale watchers. Over the last few years, we’ve visited a variety of sites along the Pacific coast […]

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5 Things You Might Not Know About Ecuador

October 21, 2013

1. It feels like spring 12 months out of the year in Ecuador. Because Ecuador is situated along the equator (where the country’s name is derived), in many areas, it feels like spring year-round. This makes it easy to plan vacations any time. 2. Ecuador is home to the world’s first UNESCO World Heritage City. […]

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