Last month, we took a small group of travelers to Panama. We started and ended in Panama City with four nights in the Darien Province in between.

Panama is a hotbed of biodiversity. It prime geographic location makes it a biological corridor.

The Darien region in the far south of the country is the most famous when it comes to biodiversity. Its remote location and lack of infrastructure has allowed Darien to remain a haven for wildlife. That’s why we spent the majority of our time there.

Here are our Top 5 Wildlife Sightings from last month’s trip. They’re in no particular order, but everyone agreed the harpy eagle was an absolute highlight!

1. Trogons

2. Sloths

3. Toucans

4. Monkeys

5. Harpy eagle

Are you thinking of a trip to Panama? We’re happy to discuss share our experiences there as well as travel tips on when and where to go. Contact us for more information.

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