Every year, UNESCO convenes to discuss whether or not proposed sites should be added to the list of World Heritage Sites. To make the list, a site must display great cultural, historical and/or natural significance. Think Machu Picchu, Galapagos Islands, and Great Barrier Reef to name a few.

The 2016 UNESCO World Heritage Committee added 21 new sites to the list. They’re all waiting to be explored.

1. Hubei Shennongjia, China
2. Mistaken Point, Canada
3. Archipelago de Revillagigedo, Mexico
4. Sanganeb Marine National Park and Dungonab Bay, Sudan
5. Lut Desert, Iran
6. Western Tien-Shan Mountains, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan
7. Ennedi Massif – Natural and Cultural Landscape, Chad
8. The Ahwar of Southern Iraq
9. Architecture of Le Corbusier, Worldwide
10. Antigua Naval Dockyard, Antigua and Bermuda
11. Pampulha Modern Ensemble, Brazil
12. Khangchendzonga National Park, India
13. Zuojiang Huashan Rock Art, China
14. Nalanda Mahavihara, India
15. Persian Qanat, Iran
16. Nan Madol, Micronesia
17. Medieval Tombstones, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia
18. Archaeological Site of Philippi, Greece
19. Antequera Dolmens, Spain
20. Archaeological Treasures of Ani, Turkey
21. Gorham’s Cave Complex, Gibraltar, UK

For photos of all the sites, check out Condé Nast Traveler’s recent article.

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