Tierra del Fuego- The End of the World

July 31, 2017

Only 620 miles from the Antarctic Peninsula lies the archipelago region of Tierra del Fuego at the southern tip of South America, split between Argentina and Chile. There is little wonder upon arrival why this place is commonly referred to as the End of the World — you are far from everywhere. An abundance of […]

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Top 5 Landscapes in Tierra Del Fuego

July 10, 2017

Vast openness. Dramatic Andes Mountains. Wildlife rich waters. Known as ‘The End of the World’, Tierra Del Fuego offers visitors an array of landscapes. R2R Travel Consultant, Wes Perry recently traveled to Tierra del Fuego for Adventure Week with the Adventure Travel Trade Association. Here are his picks for Tierra del Fuego’s Top 5 Landscapes […]

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Gaucho Mosco – A Traveler’s Poem

November 1, 2014

Earlier this year, we helped coordinate a scouting trip to Argentina for a professor at a local college in Denver. The goal of her trip was to develop a new study abroad experience for her students studying tourism. These study abroad trips always have themes that highlight a destination’s local culture. Upon her return, Ms. […]

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